A Special Destination

SUMMER 2020: Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 our Cellar Door has been closed but the good news is that we will open again at LEVEL ONE on weekends for tasting and sales starting from Saturday 14th November. However, by calling us we may – depending on our vineyard or winery activities – be able to make you a special tasting appointment – so give us a try at any time. Meantime, we are continuing to deliver our wines as usual from our online shop sales which can be couriered door-to-door to you nationally or shipped internationally. For any enquiries about available wines, deliveries or Cellar Club benefits, please check the online shop or contact Lance directly on +64 (0)9 950-3175 or, +64 211 888 638

When we re-open again please come and taste some unique and special single vineyard, cellar-aged, natural, ‘slow wines’, while they are still available!

‘Natural’ wines’, ‘authentic wines’, not ‘mucked about with’ wines – whatever winemakers call them, our visitors generally remark – ‘Wow that’s different” or, ‘I have never tasted a wine like that before”. As James Goode MW says, ‘natural wines smell better, taste better and are better for our planet’.

The keys to individuality and expression of our unique terroir are growing great grapes in the vineyard using intensive, impeccable, sustainable viticulture and the best of organic principles, combined with minimal intervention/additions by the winemaker, ie keeping the winemaking as simple and as clean as possible. Minimal or no crushing, no pumping of must, no fining with animal products, nil chemical residue program, gentle slow natural ferments in small batches and, the most important single factor – time – that is extended cellar ageing – typically we do 6-9 years of bottle-ageing in the cellar before release – to allow slow, natural development in the bottle in our perfectly-controlled cellar to achieve optimal drinking age in the bottle. When our winemaker wants to start drinking a vintage is when we release to you! Buano vino lentamente or ‘slow wines’. Remember, fine wine takes time!

In other words, we aim to express our turangawaewae – or sense of place – by allowing the vineyard to do the talking. Our vineyard sits on the site of a once huge mountain ridge of Jurassic greywacke, so you just might taste 155 million years of geological history in your glass!