Jurassic Ridge Cabernet Franc 2010

Reserve Wine From The Great 2010 Vintage
Released from Cellar


$149.00 inc. GST

Cellar-Aged Reserve Wine from the
Waiheke ‘Vintage of a Lifetime’
– The 100 year weather event

This wine was withdrawn for further cellaring, but is now (June 2021) re-released and available only from the Cellar Door and Online shop. Available for Cellar Club members with special discounts.


Single vineyard, unblended, 100% pure Cabernet Franc, grown and produced at the home estate vineyard of Jurassic Ridge, at Church Bay (Hangaura) on the West end of Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf, cellar-aged and first released September 23rd 2014 at the Waiheke Island of Wine Expo, Auckland city, withdrawn subsequently for further cellaring and re-released 2018 after cellar-ageing for 9 years. Still youthful but close to its best now and for the next 10 years.

EXTRAORDINARY CONCENTRATION! This wine gives the lie to the old adage that Cabernet Franc is medium bodied! Well on the evidence of this wine, this might just depend instead on the weather and the terroir that it is grown in (eg Loire Valley, Medoc right bank, the Finger Lakes, Virginia etc etc), rather than the grape itself!

Try this one – its not medium-bodied but huge, full-bodied, concentrated ++++ and delicious!

Only sad thing is that there is not much left – so be quick as it will not last very long in the Cellar Door!

Withdrawn for further cellaring and re-released June 2021.